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No Time To Kill
Wednesday, 13 January, 2016
5 Recommends
pancake man  *  18-Jan-2016
lol lol lol LG i would confess but it wasnt me this time, thats not me... thats really a VAIN non pretty woman under that WIG lol
Hotta  *  15-Jan-2016
lolol LG
LG  *  15-Jan-2016
And there's the confession.... It's Pancake man cross dressing again... First killing us off posing as the Rum Cake Granny, Now dressing as a Pretty, Young, Vain, confused face Villain. Stop it PM...Mayor Mixup not solving she crimes...She got me doing 3 jobs
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
(thinking with a confused face)
LG  *  15-Jan-2016
Oh why stop now Hotta? You on a roll!... lol... Mixup..I goin mark she face,,, but the Toonville men better mark it too... She's the new "Black Widow" of Toonville... guess we needed a Female Villain to spice things up... LOL
Hotta  *  15-Jan-2016
well Femme still M I A on this one guess Toonville Popo gone wid she, lemme stop call ppl name you hear sms
Mixup  *  15-Jan-2016
LG mark she face dey she just might show she self in another toon since she done kill off de poor man she have to go hunting again
LG  *  15-Jan-2016
Well I need "Jessica Fletcher" to solve this one... Guess she's Mrs. Nobody, since nobody claiming to be She must be a new resident of Toonville.... "A wonder who she be dardy bo?
Mixup  *  15-Jan-2016
Really Big Fan? that sounds like a plan but really? Mixup dont like de Mixup enuh so wasnt me...Me hussy alive and popping still *if you know wat a mean wink
Big Fan  *  15-Jan-2016
smh how sad...MixUP I understand why you did it though. No need to go up there looking like a bum and the man could die still, might as well FixUp so you could hook the doctor. (wink, wink)
pancake man  *  15-Jan-2016
lol lol GIRL fight lol lol none of you want take the blame and go to jail for the crime of prettying up while the husband is sick he had to wait until she done fix up her body to take him to the hospital
Hotta  *  14-Jan-2016
arrm you forget MixUp LG hahaa a do believe is she enuh
LG  *  14-Jan-2016
Well Wu...that leaves Femme, Cavelle and Sassy....and for the record....pretty little miss up there is "single" now too...
whine Up  *  14-Jan-2016
Whineup dont play dem games dere LG besides am single so dat no me
G-Baby  *  14-Jan-2016
LG  *  14-Jan-2016
Well okay Everybody tun Shaggy now..bout "Wasn't me".. Not Hotta, Not G-Baby, Not you, Most Definitely Not Me... Well only two people left.....Whine up & Femme... I guess we will find out who Toonman talking about by the process of PM cross dressing
Lioness  *  14-Jan-2016
LG that is definitely not me! And i don't wear mascara lol. I look after my soon to be husband well, go ask him dey lol.
LG  *  14-Jan-2016
Miss NB you are correct.. I've been wondering about those people (especially women) who I've notice lately (in pics) dressing to the 9's to attend funeral.. I wondered if that's the new "Matchmaking" playground... halter tops (inappropriate, Low cuts, see thru etc)
pancake man  *  14-Jan-2016
lol lol G Baby...okay i understand
Miss NB  *  14-Jan-2016
Lorda the man sick and you have time to do all that.. oh well a lady needs to look her best all times :p at least she polish for the funeral lol
G-Baby  *  14-Jan-2016
No man PM that's not me like Hotta say a dont have to dress to impress i rock it the way i am, she waist time wid lipstick an tha eye thingy an still ain look better or like she wearing them smh
pancake man  *  14-Jan-2016
lol lol well sah
Hotta  *  13-Jan-2016
wasnt me LG in me "Shaggy voice"
LG  *  13-Jan-2016
LOL @ hotta.. Well the fashion police going lock you up as well.... White this time a year is on the "Fashion Faux Pas" list... ..Well never mind.. you said "Black Dutty White"..Lol.. Send me a picture Hotta... I'm sure you rocked it, but back to the dead guy.. Why didn't you help him?
Hotta  *  13-Jan-2016
whats up with that hair though and where is this makeup she took so long to put on
Hotta  *  13-Jan-2016
no time dat cant be me Hotta is so hot i don't need to make up Hotta will leave de house wrapped in a paper bag if needs be Hotta makes anything look and everything look good Hotta done walk thru tong in two white not even black white dutty mountain boots and rock them sms
LG  *  13-Jan-2016
Lets check with Femme... I hope her real name is "Femme Pouvoir" and not "Femme Fetale".. She has been missing a lot
pancake man  *  13-Jan-2016
no LG i tired say that you should talk to your girls about how to be a better woman and how to conduct themselves lol lol.... why they killing their husbands/bf so
pancake man  *  13-Jan-2016
hahhahahaha well sah Toonman who Gbaby kill now?? ley me go through the toons to see who missing.... becuz RH here, im here... oh wait.... RT is that you???
Rough House  *  13-Jan-2016
I could have told him try to get a ride or try shouting out to a male for him to receive the help getting to the hospital. Women have to be prim and proper to leave their house, regardless of the situation. "You goin learn today" (in my Kevin Hart's voice)
LG  *  13-Jan-2016
Hotta & Lioness... If I knew that's what you'll were in there doing (prettying up youself looking like the queen of sheba) and have the man waiting for a password.... I would have given it to him long time!.... Just vain...
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