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One Year Anniversary
Monday, 25 January, 2016
3 Recommends
pancake man  *  26-Jan-2016
well well you see that you shouldn't say nothing infront of a child,...they don't forget nothing, u promise them something they will remember until you fulfil that promise
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
LOL... Your daughter pulled a "Nanette Lee" on you.. just watch...nanette lee by dave4ne video... LOL...Hotta.. when you goin pay the chile she money..Thats why she getting it back in toys... lol
Hotta  *  26-Jan-2016
lolol she eating my food every day bout she want back money, i said i would give it back i never said when sms
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
LOL.. Love it! ..LOL.. Hotta you are to pay people when you owe You lucky she didn't charge you interest.. You have a little "Banker" in the making...
Hotta  *  26-Jan-2016
LG i dont promise less she did well in school and i have to make sure deliver carz she dont forget she like an elephant, barrow some money form her one time and everyday she asking for it, this 8 yr old went in me purse and tek it out saying i get money and giving her back hers lolol
LG  *  26-Jan-2016
Hotta you have to stop promising things!. Outside of birthdays and Christmas.. they need to earn it! (maybe a little incentive every now and then)... You can't spoil them... then they grow saying /singing..... ..."Money for nothing and chicks for free"..... even when your pocket is in "Dire Straits"....
Miss NB  *  26-Jan-2016
I learned that long time not to promise children anything, because they don't forget....I hope he is not one those sweet hand man lol and giving all the money to the h***y bank :/
Rough House  *  26-Jan-2016
Hotta, he's definitely in the kitchen knowing he promised to buy his kid new toys, not certain if he can afford it. Hope he isn't spending his money in the clubs and other places, then leaves his kid without simple things like toys. PM, some how that father raccoon reminds me of you and you kid. Hmmmmmmmmmm...........
Hotta  *  25-Jan-2016
DADDY is de one in the kitchen so him feeling the heat and knows what he can or cannot handle unless he banking on de furry bank hidesface
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
RH I do agree with you.. Chores, School work and etiquette is not something you bargain with kids. I just said that kids have selective memory because of what you said that "Kids cant rely on their parents".. that's trust that needs to be earned between parent and child...It still doesn't justify the sense of entitlement that these kids today have.. not promise them things and then fall short..but they (kids) should know their responsibility within a family unit and how to adjust or adapt to changes (especially financial ones).......
Rough House  *  25-Jan-2016
LG, even if children have selective memory, parents need to let the kids know if chores aren't to the parents satisfactory along with academic studies, no toys would be purchased. Clearly the father didn't reply, so it leaves one to wonder if anything was said to the kid about chores or studies.
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
Well Hotta what if daddy received two checks and used one to pay bills? Just starting a dialogue a what if daddy getting double pay.. then what?
Hotta  *  25-Jan-2016
bills are backed up from all the years of not working so little Racoonist the bills has to be paid first sit your lil two color tail down and appreciate that you actually have toys to play with
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
Well parents shouldn't really promise things.. However kids have "Selective Memory".. they quick to remember what parents promise them and easily forget what they are supposed to do... Like housework, school work, minding your manners etc...Maybe father raccoon waiting for son raccoon to live up to his end of the bargain.. how about that!
Rough House  *  25-Jan-2016
Even kids today can't rely on their parents word.
LG  *  25-Jan-2016
Ravenous Raccoon!
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