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Food For Thought
Monday, 15 February, 2016
4 Recommends
whine Up  *  18-Feb-2016
lolol have not met that one yet PM
pancake man  *  18-Feb-2016
ok whineup ok ok ok I hear u... but somebody gon whine u down
whine Up  *  17-Feb-2016
if somebody aint whine me up i cant function aint me fault sms
pancake man  *  16-Feb-2016
Whineup why u and LG like to call me name so... its agood thing that CLONE Toonman aint put no name on them
pancake man  *  16-Feb-2016
lol lol RH that sgood u telling LG the tings dem
LG  *  16-Feb-2016
Toonman please work on that edit button for us ...Thanks
LG  *  16-Feb-2016
Overseer I agree with you, but in our wonderful "Democratic" society.. whether Equity or Equality" those of us cronic whiners are still going to complain.. For instance.. Why should LG have to give up her hump because PM is yeah short. So instead of focusing on the prize.. we busy watching somebody else..(that's where the problem is)... I usually stay clear of these political statement toons.. but there is my two cents!
Overseer  *  16-Feb-2016
I think this is for ALL the needy people. That is why we get "equALLity" With Equity everybody still seem to be stre-tch-ed to the limit.
whine Up  *  16-Feb-2016
i realize everybody had a hump but little goat gruff aka PM seems to have snatch gray goat gruff aka BF hump to make his higher or gray goat was nice enuff to give it up cause she realized she dont need it...awee how sweet
whine Up  *  16-Feb-2016
she need to come represent her self or keep moving sms
Hotta  *  16-Feb-2016
grl LG i was thinking Goat Order too, maybe that's it hahaaa
LG  *  16-Feb-2016
We have to give G.O the bylaws... We don't come first with Initials.. lol.. We come wid Long names and then we abbreviate... G.O... you have to stick wid the "GENERAL ORDER" of
Lioness  *  16-Feb-2016
Lg I'm wondering the same thing who is this G.O person?? Hope it stands for "good observer" lol.
LG  *  16-Feb-2016
"Its some kind of secret code or something" Government Owned ? Government Obligations ? LG have no idea, But Welcome G.O.....Oh... Goats Objectives, Goat Order... Mmmm Got me on this one...
Hotta  *  16-Feb-2016
i see PM short but he smart heheeee
Hotta  *  16-Feb-2016
hotta is a leader RH not a follower i does create riots hahaaa lolol @ GO welcome wonder what those initials stands for LG help me out dere
G.O  *  15-Feb-2016
Mad skills...I still got it!
G.O  *  15-Feb-2016
Is this some kind of secret code of something? Let me see if I can break the code. Trees are, that's not it. Sand/Dirty is, that's not it either. All animals are All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others...that's it.
LG  *  15-Feb-2016're a Toonhead too!
Rough House  *  15-Feb-2016
LG, I said the smaller one looks like a dog which indicates that I know they aren't. None of them are myself, PM, or Big Fan. Toonman has his followers and where ever he leads and eats, his followers like LG and Hotta will follow.
LG  *  15-Feb-2016
And for your information...those are goats...dogs dont eat
LG  *  15-Feb-2016
RH....Dem three old goats are non other than you, Big Fan and in the middle....cause you smart enough to figure out whether equality or equity you still getting your piece a de "Bush" Fan realise he big enough so he nar miss out either,,,,,but poor Pm....cause he short and eye long and you not helping him....he going stop dey RH.....Toonman enjoying the fruits of life either way and just like
Rough House  *  15-Feb-2016
Looks like the smaller one is a dog. LOL. PM, seems like Toonman on holidays, or we finally got rid of him and LG is now drawing. LOL.
DIctionary  *  15-Feb-2016
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