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Cons Of An Office Job #4
Friday, 19 February, 2016
3 Recommends
LG  *  22-Feb-2016
I agree with RH. It's a deterrent in me continuing to Toon Center. Twice now I've changed my mind and just logged out and moved on to something else.. Please pass the info up the food chain.. Thanks
Big Fan  *  22-Feb-2016
Hey Toonville...I feel like a stranger. RH I agree with you whats up with this nonsense. A whole minute to decide something that take seconds.
Rough House  *  22-Feb-2016
Toonman, what's up with that intro for the new ICT slides when you first log on to SKNVibes? It takes most people to make up their mind in at least 5 seconds for things like that, whether they want to view it or not. You guys just basically have it there for 1min for someone to make up their mind if they're going to watch it or not? Come on!! Not even a couple seconds for each slide at the intro for the full minute. Just a black screen asking you if you want to view the slides. Toonman talk to management about it. Waiting 1min to view our daily toons is a long time to wait with nothing to at the intro.
Hotta  *  20-Feb-2016
Its the truth O i dont shower everyday am homes basically 24 hrs a day most times
pancake man  *  20-Feb-2016
lol lol Hotta u killing me
Hotta  *  20-Feb-2016
this is why i work from home nobody will know if i shower or not sms....i had no net
pancake man  *  20-Feb-2016
recovering from a bad scent lol lol
CTY  *  19-Feb-2016
Either they're recovering from the bad scent or they gone concert.
Rose  *  19-Feb-2016
Hey, you guys know where the other toonfans went?
Rose  *  19-Feb-2016
CTDM  *  19-Feb-2016
Rough House  *  19-Feb-2016
PM, Toonman really showed up to work in a white shirt knowing his arm stains white? Look at the walls and the floor. Toonman try throw that shirt as soon as you step outside. That Armpit Attack must be the name of whatever body spray or cologne he's using.
Femme Pouvoir  *  19-Feb-2016
It is that he is has the flu and he is unable to smell his own green sweat.A like how he knock out everyone. A wonder if a can't get some to use on these burglars going into people house.
Overseer  *  19-Feb-2016
This is what happens when you escape the Psych ward and the straight jacket. No time for a bath. I hope somebody will wake me up for the next toon. Smelling salts anyone??
LG  *  19-Feb-2016
and one more thing Mr. Toonman... ICT should stand for "I aint C no Toons" (just had to get that off me chest)
LG  *  19-Feb-2016
Is that why we haven't heard from CTDM or CDTM or whatever her name is this week?.. CTDM is that you? is that you on the floor in the purple? I knew there had to be an explanation for the THREE DAYS of missing toons
Lioness  *  19-Feb-2016
He got to be his nostrils stuffed up if he can't smell his own armpits lol.
pancake man  *  19-Feb-2016
LG well something he could of done,.... he just wilful in doing that... knocking out everybody.. i guess he feel like becuz he think that he beat RH and i ,he think he could come and kill off Toonville
LG  *  19-Feb-2016
Cowboy?? Even a likkle walk-thru would a do... Walk- thru one end a de shower and walk- thru the next!
pancake man  *  19-Feb-2016
TM really? why you do it.. u couldnt at least spray some cologne or even take a cowboy bath... why you went to the office smelling so lol lol
LG  *  19-Feb-2016
Three days later and this????? Toonman you have making up to do!... and I don't recall seeing a 4A
whine Up  *  19-Feb-2016
RH please sit down
Rough House  *  19-Feb-2016
Toonman, please tell the members of Toonville that we reached an agreement and that is why you're here today.
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