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Life In The Igloo #4
Wednesday, 24 February, 2016
3 Recommends
Overseer  *  25-Feb-2016
That fish is ready to flop on out of there the minute it is freed. Just like the baby...That's why momma trying to disguise how far along she is. Start wearing big clothes from day 1. Keep poppa guessing. Ready made excuse for no more ---. Just saying. And the weather is the perfect excuse for bundling up. I like her.
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
Wishful thinking BF.....(bout next time) Hotta.. The woman is promoting her new fashion line of "Polar Lined Hoodies and Sweatshirts"... So stop and that's a big it goin last for two
Big Fan  *  25-Feb-2016
LG Big Fan is not 'Lactose Intolerant'. You just wanted to sabotage the mission of 'get TM' but don't worry we will get him next time.
Hotta  *  25-Feb-2016 least de color a she clothes change same style different color, she needs a new wardrobe O, 48hrs just to prepare a meal seems like they eat everyday two days
LG  *  25-Feb-2016
BF..LOL..when you are "Lactose Intolerance" and suffer with "flatulence" shouldnt drink just sit next to a "Big Fan" dont blame drank the milk knowing the
Big Fan  *  25-Feb-2016
Wow I'm surprise that post went...being trying to post for days and nothing going through. RH, PM a try to come help with the plan you know but LG spike me milk so a drop sleep. Pure sabotage.
Big Fan  *  25-Feb-2016
I think is time dem up and lef dat place, de man (inna me Jamaican voice)
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
Well you see how much confusion you caused spelling de wud are very sensitive you no babies allowed...been there done that and LG allergic to young pickney.....Baby looks like Jill or Rose or Overseer. Them new to Toonville...TM is a youth boy himself...he dont have time for
Hotta  *  24-Feb-2016
oh wow coverface i meant flat her tummy is flat and we have not seen this baby yet sorry i wan to know what our Igloo baby looks like...does it look like RH PM or Jack? hahaaa or even TM
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
Then she no wrong.. lol... It's her own baby weight she trying to lose... You know how people say.. "Gyurrl.. I was a BIG Baby" You carnt say de girl It's two sets a baby I had to work on...Well three.. My own, My sons and my daughter..LOL.. That's why I stay in the gym.. but girl up there need to move.. It's too cold...
Rose  *  24-Feb-2016
Lol, LG. I know of this girl who trying to lose baby weight and she never had a baby in she life.
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
Well Hotta she only had de baby in December...... you have to give the woman time to lose de baby weight. Whats wrong wid you?.....I'm still trying to lose baby weight and me daughter 17....LOL
Hotta  *  24-Feb-2016
lolol IKR and she belly fat and i yet to see this baby
LG  *  24-Feb-2016
I think it's time these people relocate.. cause they either goin starve or their "Plumbing" going be backed up!
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