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Cat Burglars
Monday, 11 April, 2016
2 Recommends
Overseer  *  12-Apr-2016
Confirmation. This is an inside job.
LG  *  12-Apr-2016
I'm just neutral to them (pets in general...Dog, cat, hamster..whatever)... These new age pets too fahwud!.. don't know their place (outside on the gallery).. want to eat the same as you.. have their own aisle in supermarket and then have the nerve to fren up Dogs & Monkey and conspire against you!..LOL.. Old time dog used to sleep outside and still protect you...not these nowadays..
Lioness  *  12-Apr-2016
Well well just another reason I hate cats.
LG  *  12-Apr-2016
Femme you are welcome over But a don't buy in bulk so much anymore almost A not trying to feed pets....but a still love de cooking...So there's always plenty a Food All Ova. We need a "Sistahs" night out...LOL... Wine and appetizers at LG's... Second Left...First house on the right... Carnt miss it..LOL.........Dawgs not
Hotta  *  11-Apr-2016
LG  *  11-Apr-2016
Thanks Hotta...i try not to, but sometimes when you tek in all those strays things can get a little "Rough in your House!!!! Trying to stay observant because you select me as the "Chosen One" to be observant....Dawgs are Dawgs ....Cat a Cat and LG dont have time for none a Dat!
Hotta  *  11-Apr-2016
loving the walk way my my
Hotta  *  11-Apr-2016
Oh yes but LG would miss even a piece a tread very observant that LG
Femme Pouvoir  *  11-Apr-2016
Boy all u aint believe dem a humans and not putty cats. This cat really looking out for she friends 3 times for the week and she aint miss nothing from her house. She must be got access.That is why I like going to LG house she buys in bulk and never run out.
Rough House  *  11-Apr-2016
Women are easily distracted while other pussies enter their territory.
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