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Unfulfilled Dreams
Monday, 9 May, 2016
3 Recommends
whine Up  *  10-May-2016
i done take care of a few that's not even related to me...sigh
LG  *  10-May-2016
Gyul WU...Don't even ask bout de mother... She and me brother deserve each other.. Two a dem alike!!, but a look out for me nephew/son..Anyhow that story dey is a whole nother (is that a word) cartoon!... He's a drive by Daddy, and she was the Drop off Mommy! cause a she drop him off and no look back till de boy graduate..she come wid camera....Whoosah LG.. Whoosah
Lioness  *  10-May-2016
Well look me trouble ya! Hahahahha smh is all i will do.
Hotta  *  10-May-2016
Lololol LG sms...WU going sue you...*hidesface*
whine Up  *  10-May-2016
lolol LG np...when i started reading i saying de man gone way...well what happen to his mother? you can say that's your son man... you shall be rewarded
LG  *  9-May-2016
LOLOL. thas a good one whine Up...a goin call me brother so cause he put me to babysit he chile for 5 years now..( yes permanent babysitting and de boy is a teenager)....and only "Drive by..for photo ops on special occasions....he's a "Drive By Daddy" thanks Wu...a going use
Hotta  *  9-May-2016
hahahaa @ Whineup
whine Up  *  9-May-2016
come like this was a drive by pickup... is like he just drive thru grab de child and drive off without even stopping... hehehehe
Hotta  *  9-May-2016
lolol LG ok love
LG  *  9-May-2016
LOL.. Because Hotta... De child don't really know he.. He does only pick up de child Mothers Day weekend to give de mother a So come Friday he pick up de child but he tek de child to his current Baby Momma house....LOL..( I like this
Hotta  *  9-May-2016
but LG why he crying den if thats he daddy? he cant talk to say this not me house? he really de blind man his child is a girl not a boy... i seriously dont get how he could make such mistake...woiee
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-May-2016
You maybe right LG wrong child wrong mother
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-May-2016
Not only that Hotta he aint even know his own child thats the problem.But this is a boy and their child seems to be a girl. I am confused too.
LG  *  9-May-2016
Hotta... Maybe is his child, but not she Maybe he bring the child to the wrong
Hotta  *  9-May-2016
wait wat!!! i cant stop laughing here,... so he dont have parents? aint no one missing or looking for him? confused here
LG  *  9-May-2016
This must be the same "Blind Daddy" !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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