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A Distasteful Stereotype?
Tuesday, 7 March, 2017
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LG  *  9-Mar-2017
LOL.. Me no say a thing bout KFC...A you the one say you don't like to cook! ...LG have a "Elephant's Memory" wey ever you live google Kentucky and something local bout to pop up ....LOL...even if its a Kentucky Avenue or Kentucky Wales
Lioness  *  9-Mar-2017
Well LG I see you're very outta order and dead wrong too lol. Me neither live SK or wherever else got KFC so come again lol.
LG  *  9-Mar-2017
Lioness I would have said the same thing too if somebody was Fahwud enough to tell me "Bring Something" ..A he interfere wid the guy bout he having barbeque... and that guy don't look hungry to me! Lioness if you invite me to your house...A goin bring something, but if you pass you place to tell me bring something...then a go give you wud and bring de food and seasoning... (you carnt cook always a Kentucky) LOL
Lioness  *  9-Mar-2017
I posted twice already u know hmmm. LG the guy is being forward with his seasoning comments you know what they say white ppl dont s....... food lol.
LG  *  8-Mar-2017
LOL. nice one. I going have to use this line. Miss B. I find that man very forward... You don't invite someone to something you host and tell them..."But you have to bring something" (1) you either telling me I don't know better or (2) a does eat dung people party or (3) a don't have no class... If its a potluck then say so... People will automatically bring something when they are invited to a Barbeque / cookout..........Some people does say they having party and when you look is all the guest bring the food.. all they provide is just the location!
Miss B  *  7-Mar-2017
Want to go eat done the neighbor but cant bring a dish man..bout seasoning lolol
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