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Honey I'm Home
Thursday, 7 May, 2015
3 Recommends
Pancake man  *  2-Jun-2015
so wait if that's the other guy feet, where she foot dem be eh?
SHANALU  *  19-May-2015
lol lol lol..... REALLY NOW!!!!!
Tripod  *  10-May-2015
Hey, I am behavin
viewer  *  8-May-2015
Chosen one goin be the end of toon center if they dont block him and tripod to
Lioness  *  8-May-2015
Oh me twit! Well that man must be blind not to see his woman has "black" hairy legs LOL...and watch him there bout he hiding hahaha.
oh please  *  8-May-2015
well mr choosen one only white women love big------ or black men just cant leave the white tight p------ alone?
Femme Pouvoir  *  8-May-2015
Right bodywrong feet but she think he stupid unless they do make love in the dark .Lol but watch them frighten eyes under the pillow no. WAS SHE REALLY CAUGHT RED HANDED
choosen one  *  7-May-2015
white women loves big c-cks..lolol. sorry for you partner, you lost she along time ago
Rough House  *  7-May-2015
Well well well. I guess he needs specs to notice the different complexion. For a man who lives with his woman or wife, he should always pay attention to her body to notice things out of the ordinary.
LG  *  7-May-2015
LOL... Sweet.. My girl said "She's about to shave" LOL .. I gone home you hear... LOL.. Nice Toonman...
Hotta  *  7-May-2015
a wasn't ready #dead
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