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Know your status part 2
Tuesday, 4 March, 2014
8 Recommends
sassy  *  5-Mar-2014
in the first part it showed the results got mixed up which in fact he is the one positive. lets wait and see what will happen
Local Gyul  *  5-Mar-2014
All jokes aside. Ladies/Sistahs we need to be ultimately responsible for OURSELVES. PROTECT PROTECT EVERYTIME ALL THE TIME! This is another cartoon (even though true to life) depicting how fast they run in a time of crisis!
Nonsense  *  5-Mar-2014
Boogers bestfriend I think so to seems a bit personal to me. How many innocent people have died at the hands of medical practioners because of one error or because of something been mixed up. I think the cartoonist is doing a really good job......Thumbs up
Boogers bestfriend*  *  5-Mar-2014
preach it Nonsense!! Bond007 is taking this a bit too serious. Lighten up. The cartoonist clearly was NOT trying to be funny about such a sensitive topic as this. Seems like personal feelings are being portrayed here.
drunken girl  *  5-Mar-2014
that's just to show that men don't think he was already doing his bad he just waited for a moment to come up to dump her
Local Gyul  *  5-Mar-2014
Sistah needs to have herself a "Waiting to Exhale Moment" lol Bonfire in the driveway moment!!! lol vex wid me a he say "bun them" !! lol
Nonsense  *  5-Mar-2014
Bond007 whether or not the name is written on paper we still do make mistakes, maybe you have never been there but we always have errors in certain things we do. The cartoonist is only giving us an idea of mistakes that are made in everyday life
Local Gyul  *  4-Mar-2014
Femme Pouvoir & Bond007 you guys are thinking waaaayyy too deep. Both of you going get a headache! lol Lets go with the flow of whats before He's about to get whats coming to him. I'm just going to wait and see. He's about to get a dose of Karma-itis... Ah hope they have medication for that!
Bond007  *  4-Mar-2014
I like the cartoon but the cartoonist has to be reasonable, there is no test resut given without the patient's name writting in the paper and second, specially when it comes to HIV/AIDS, the result is read in the presence of a counsellor...IT IS NOT FUNNY!!!
Truth  *  4-Mar-2014
He got the wrong results. Wait till he find out the truth.
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Mar-2014
i believe she is a virgin and she was about to say that she never had sex with anyone . I hope he was a virgin too
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Mar-2014
Anyway he got the wrong paper. She got his and he got hers you will see
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Mar-2014
He in for a surprise man he turn a come.Women always have a hard time when it is their case and if it was him she would have been consoling him and definitely be there for him. To be cont'd
To dam Forward  *  4-Mar-2014
lol he boasting eh!!!! an if he never touch her y wud he think she is positive huh????
Out of Order  *  4-Mar-2014
He well out of order. But we gone see what happens cause what goes around comes around. Cha
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