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Running Out Of IQ
Monday, 1 February, 2016
4 Recommends
pancake man  *  3-Feb-2016
nooooooooo LG not me and i can see good... me name dey
LG  *  3-Feb-2016
Well you need to review that list or get some reading glasses.. lol... so you can squash this thing.. Your name not on it... It says Pumpkin man... and it don't say Rough House.... Is Rouge Horse... Look again... then you apologize to Toonman...
pancake man  *  3-Feb-2016
LG i dont think so at this moment... he need to apologize first to me RH and now Jill lol
LG  *  3-Feb-2016
Man PM... you goin forgive de man or wha? Now you striking?
pancake man  *  3-Feb-2016
@RH thats why i dont say nothing...they aint hearing my mouth today
CTDM  *  2-Feb-2016
lolol LG
LG  *  2-Feb-2016
Hotta...Ed and Eddy (not RH OR PM) getting away!....the Toonville mayor aka popo aka CTDM too busy filing she finger nail and trying to come up with her new name for the day...haaaaaha!
Hotta  *  1-Feb-2016
I calling names is PM and RH that trying to make a run for it , but the Toonville popo is right behind you or should i saw Mayor
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
Femme i actually like this toon. I was able to share it with my blonde male friends and my kids....and for the record....Ah not going against TM this year...ah still enjoying my
Femme Pouvoir  *  1-Feb-2016
LG, I wonder who running out of IQs. Or it seems as if Mr Toon trying one on us.Doesnt he know that we are even overeducated but for sure not going loco.
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
LOL.. Stop it We not taking sides... I will be the first to defend you if someone try to form a Mutiny against you.. Your turn will come.. be patient..
Rough House  *  1-Feb-2016
PM, told you the women on Toonville was taking sides a long time ago. They only acted like they were seeing things down the middle, just to get on the nice list.
whine Up  *  1-Feb-2016
hahaaa main calling no names yh those two got defeated lolol C dem dere
LG  *  1-Feb-2016
These guys remind me of the Two Toonheads that tried to start a rebellion (by the way..did not work)...So now they trying to leave Toonville in a getaway car....LOL
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