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Posted: Monday 24 February, 2020 at 3:00 PM

SKNFA matches played Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd February 2020


    U - 17 YOUTH LEAGUE 
    at Newtown Playing Field 

    Cayon  3 - 1  Bath Utd 

    Scoring for Cayon 
    Dane Weston 30th min 
    Joshua Bradshaw 67th min 
    Ronald Williams 70th min 

    Scoring for Bath 
    Jalden Myers 26th min 

    Yellow cards 
    Elston Williams (bath) 
    Jahmaine Bartlette  (bath) 
    Shariek Parris (cayon) 
    Ronald Williams (cayon) 

    *** Officials were Hakeem Harvey, Shakel Campbell & Kenwin Collins 


    at the Gardens 

    Newtown  2 - 0 Sandy Point 

    Scoring for Newtown 
    Dominie Arnot scored both goals 

    *** Official was Elvis 'Pepe' Isaac 

    Spurs  4 - 0  St.Peters 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Omari Morris 2 goals 
    Jase Greene 1 goal 
    Niquan Allen 1 goal 

    *** Official was Elvis 'Pepe' Isaac 

    at Verchilds Playing field 

    Dieppe bay  3 - 3  Bath Utd 

    Scoring for Dieppe bay 
    Kelston Mitchell 4th min 
    Adrian Williams (own goal) 12th min 
    Rinaldo Browne 47th min 

    Scoring for Bath
    Leon Thompson struck twice 20th & 28th min 
    Jaheem Hazel 23rd min 

    Red card 
    Leon Thompson (bath) 49th min 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan 

    St.Thomas Trinity Strikers  1 - 3  Village 

    Scoring for Strikers 
    Usani Hendrickson 47th min 

    Scoring for Village 
    Zavier Morton 17th min 
    Carl Newton 44th min 
    Trevino Charles 46th min 

    Red cards 
    Zavier Morton (village) 39th min
    Torell Jordan (strikers) 48th min 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan 


    at the Gardens 

    Newtown  6 - 2  Sandy Point 

    Scoring for Newtown 
    Devaughn Mills 1 goal
    Jahmari Connor 1 goal 
    Hazon Marshall 1 goal 
    Kennedy Rodriguez 1 goal 
    Ashaun Wilkinson 1 goal 
    Andrew O'Connor 1 goal 

    Scoring for Sandy Point 
    Jamal Williams 1 goal 
    Deantre Eddie 1 goal

    *** Officials were Elvis 'pepe' Isaac & Rasheem Hopkins

    at Verchilds Playing Field 

    Strikers 1 - 0 Village 

    Scoring for Stikers 
    Devonte Ottley 34th min 

    Red card 
    Shervin King (village) 43rd min 
    (violent conduct) 

    ***Officials were Caldon Duncan, Tyra Wilkinson & Delvin Harris 

    at Ottleys Playing Field 

    Molineaux  vs  TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles 

    *Dieppebay won by default. 

    *** Officials were Judell Matthew & Kenni Martin 

    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    Match #1 

    S L Horsfords St.Pauls Utd  4 - 1 Trafalgar Southstars 

    Scoring for St.Pauls 
    Kwame Challenger 13th min 
    Akimba Lawrence 2 goals - 34th & 42nd min 
    Kalonji Clarke 55th min

    Scoring for Southstars 
    Mahzari Hodge 81st min 

    Yellow Card 
    Anthony Archibald (southstars) 4th min 

    *** Officials were Sanchez Bass, Lenroy Parris, Shakel Campbell & Mervonjae Pemberton 
    RA: Garfield Virgo 
    GC: Shanwa Broadbelt 


    Flow 4G Cayon Rockets  2 - 1 H E Garden Hotspurs 

    Scoring for Cayon 
    Jayan Duncan 28th min 
    Vinceroy Nelson 84th min 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Steven Archibald 66th min 

    Yellow Card for Cayon 
    Jayan Duncan 42nd min 

    Yellow cards for Spurs 
    D'jaun Warner 15th min 
    Jausean Jeffers 51st min 
    Dejahne Morris 68th min 
    Rakeal Allen 90th min 

    *** Officials were Reginald Gumbs, Graeme Browne, Delroy Jeffers & Nicholas Rose 
    RA: Stedroy Douglas 
    GC: Dexter Tyrell 


    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    Match #1 

    Rams Village Superstars Fc  8 - 0  KFC United Old Road Jets 

    Scoring for Village 
    Carlos Bertie hat trick 13th, 23rd & 33rd min 
    Tiran Hanley 2 goals 32nd & 75th min 
    G'vaune Amory 53rd min 
    Tahir Hanley 78th min 
    Kimaree Rogers 81st min 

    Yellow cards 
    Yusuf Saunders (village) 60th min 
    Tiquanny Williams (old road) 70th min 

    Red card
    Javon Caines (old road ) 24th min 
    (Abusive & insulting language towards the referee) 

    ***  Officials were Nicholas Rose, Jaden Rouse, Jason Rouse & Maliik Liburd 
    RA: Lloyd Rouse 
    GC: Dexter Tyrell 


    St.Peters Fc  6 - 1 Elco Ltd Security Forces 

    Scoring for St. Peters 
    Kirkland Harris 23rd min 
    Tyquan Tyrell 2 goals - (pk) 47th min & 64th min 
    Tijhaun Isaac 2 goals - 50th & 73rd min 
    Kareem Simmonds 82nd min 

    Scoring for Security forces 
    Omari Piggott 33rd min 

    Yellow card 
    Donyelle Francis (security forces) 25th min 

    *** Officials were Trevester Richards, Ike Inniss, Yohan Henderson & Judell Matthew 
    RA: Malcolm Ramsey 
    GC: Kimberly Williams 
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