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Posted: Thursday 18 May, 2023 at 7:53 PM

Invitation of Open Bid for Public Recycling Station Procurement

    Invitation of Open Bid for Public Recycling Station Procurement


    • Job Number


    • Procuring Entity
    Taiwan Technical Mission, Taiwan ICDF


    • Contact Person of Procuring Entity
     Ms. Joyce Chang
     Office Number: +1869-662-9730


    • Subject and Quantity of Procurement
    Purchase and utilize a 20ft container alongside other materials for the fabrication and construction of 1 Public Recycling Station in St. Kitts to collect recyclable plastic bottles, metal, glass, and paper items. 


    • Tenderer Qualifications
    To qualify as a Tenderer, the following requirements must be met:


    1. Business registration – Tenderers must ensure that they have an up-to-date business license. 


    2. Tenderers must also have experience in metal container fabrication and modification. 


    The Tenderer will be responsible for the following:


    1. Tenderers have the option of fabricating and modifying the container at their worksite or transporting the container and other required materials for construction to the public recycling station at the proposed location, which is at S.S.W.M.C. Landfill.


    2. Completing the overall fabrication, modification, construction, and installation of public recycling station at S.S.W.M.C. Landfill within 4 months, following the provided design. 


    3. Providing the necessary materials and scope of work, which includes:


    - Utilizing a new container. 


    - Customizing the interior containers with metal material and wheels as per the size, design, and open-door specifications provided.


    - Painting, labeling, and creating throw holes, both side doors, and 4 inside containers with opening doors for each type of recyclable item (plastic, metal, glass, paper)


    - Including PVC signage and all necessary paintwork


    - Transporting the container and installing it at the S.S.W.M.C. Landfill.


    To ensure quality service, the following conditions must be agreed upon:


    1. Signing a procurement contract to establish an agreement between both parties.


    2. The payment terms of the successful tender are as follows:


    - First payment (20% of the contract price) and Performance bond (10% of the contract price): after the successful tender signed the procurement contractwith the Taiwan Technical Mission, the successful tender will receive 20% of the contract price. At the same time, the successful bidder shall pay 10% of the contract price to the Taiwan Technical Mission as a performance bond.


    - Second payment (20% of the contract price): 50% of the progress is completed, that is, the cutting of the container and the four recycling bins are completed with the initial acceptance inspection.


    - Final payment (50% of the contract price): after the Public Recycling Station is 100% completed and pass the formal acceptance inspection by Taiwan Technical Mission.


    - The performance bond (10% of the contract price) shall be automatically converted into a warranty bond after the formal acceptance inspection.


    - The warranty bond will be returned to the successful tenderer at the 7th month after the Public Recycling Station is accepted by Taiwan Technical Mission and in normal operation.


    • Evaluation of Tenderers


    1. The tenderers will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


    - Compliance with the technical specifications and the terms and conditions of the contract


    - Service quality and reliability


    - Other factors as specified in the tenderer's documents.


    2. The Taiwan Technical Mission reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenderers, to negotiate with any or all tenderers, to waive any minor irregularities or errors, and to cancel the tendering process at any time without prior notice.


    • Address for Receipt of Tender
    Department of Environment (upstairs Best Buy Supermarket, Bird Rock) Basseterre, St. Kitts.


    • The time limit for Receipt of the Tender
    Please deliver the quotation to the Department of Environment office from 8:00 a.m. on (Monday) May 22nd, to 17:00 p.m. on May 26th (Friday), 2023


    • Time for Opening Receipt of Tender
    Open bidding should begin on Tuesday, 30th May 2023. The tenderers or their authorized representatives are invited to attend at Taiwan Technical Mission Office the opening session.


    For design of Public Recycling Station please click here.


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